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Marketing campaigns often suffer from poor planning and ineffective strategy, costing companies more money than they need. Therefore, we help you save money while driving your revenues and profit.⁣ Our laser-focused marketing team will make your business seen, heard, and known.

For instance, We can help with google advertisements and social media ads. Similarly, We help clients find the best PPC platforms.

Our company has worked as a PPC marketing service provider for many years. With skillful and expert PPC campaign management services, we have managed to deal with millions of dollars in PPC campaigns all around the world. Moreover, we better understand how the relationship between a client and its customer is kept intact.

Above all, our PPC campaign management services emphasize providing extreme levels of transparency to facilitate our clients with the best results possible.

How to Increase PPC Lead Generation and Conversion?

PPC marketing agencies frequently invest time and money in going through each step of the marketing process, but they often come up short in terms of the number of leads and conversions they generate. In addition, these ad agencies could not increase their ROAS, which stands for "return on ad spend rate."

Following are some of the strategies or methods you can adopt to increase PPC leads and conversion rate:

1. Identifying the Goal

Before starting PPC campaign management, you must have a clear goal. In other words, If you want to leverage pay-per-click or PPC campaign management services to improve brand awareness or contact a prospect, you should first create a goal.

This action will impact each step of your PPC marketing campaign, depending on how you implement it. In addition, it will influence the demographics and content copy of your target audience.

2. Writing a Ravishing Ad Copy

Ad copywriting is undoubtedly the art of captivating your audience toward your brand or service. Moreover, it takes time, testing, and practice to bring something fruitful. In other words, your ad copywriting is the direct source of PPC. When your ad copy earns a considerable number of clicks, it will ultimately become a source of conversion clicks. But you have to drive the clicks first on your ad copy.

Making a Responsive Landing Page

You are already half away if you are done with creating a click-generating ad copy. You should ensure that your website visitors and passers-by have the best experience. It will make them consider going further with the process.

If you create customized landing pages for each PPC campaign marketing, your messages will be more aligned. However, the landing pages should be uncomplicated, smooth, and convey a clear call to action.

4. Optimizing UX on Mobile Devices

Data and statistics show that the number of mobile phone users and mobile phone searches has swiftly increased to 55% since 2014. More people find it more convenient to search and get google ads management services on mobile devices than on any PC system or desktop.

Therefore, if you are not optimizing your ads and landing pages of your website on mobile devices, you are losing more than half of your audience and sales.

Google Ads Management Services at QUICKSOL LLC

QUICKSOL LLC is an award-winning PPC Marketing business. Above all, our prominent feature is our extensive portfolio. Moreover, our economical service packages satisfy your advertising needs.

As we all know, Google Ads are crucial online. However, monitoring their success takes effort. Therefore Our PPC team handles these obligations. For instance, we'll manage your Google Ads, keywords, and ads. Moreover, we also facilitate you with Real-time data and metrics visibility.

So here are some of these services:

1. PPC Audit Services

We offer a free PPC audit service to improve the performance of your ad campaign and ad strategy. Get your free audit report now!

2. Remarketing Services

You can reconnect with your old website visitors with our remarketing services. For instance, we carry out this process by using targeted ads. Above all, this will make your visitors respond, call or make an order.

3. Facebook Ad Services

You can promote your brand or products on Facebook through Facebook ads. For this purpose, we will run your campaign’s ad on Facebook. Hence, you will notice more engagement, visibility, and popularity of your brand.

4. Social Media Ad Services

We will make you a customized social media ad strategy. After that, we will make these ads and run them on various social media platforms. For instance, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Linkedin, or Instagram. Thus, it will make your brand more prominent.

5. Addressable Ad Services

This PPC service will enable you to use a real location. For instance, you can target real users as a target audience. After that, this service will drive massive responsive traffic. Such as phone calls, messages, or making a purchase.

How Do We Do PPC Marketing?

QUICKSOL LLC is an award-winning PPC Marketing business. Above all, our prominent feature is our extensive portfolio. Moreover, our economical service packages satisfy your advertising needs.

1. Questionnaire

For the first step, we go through validation and testing. So, this makes us know more about your brand. For instance, the clients fulfill a questionnaire or tell us in the free form of text. The questions cover PPC as well as target audience, goal, or competitors.

2. Audit of Existing Account

It is an essential step before taking over your website. So, In this step, we examine your website. For this purpose, we create a customized PPC account audit. Then, we checklist the audit process according to the extensivity of your analyzing account. After that, we examine your past performance as well as future opportunities. At last, we benchmark all KPIs as a baseline.

3. Keyword Research

Your ad’s performance entirely depends on keyword research. If your audit lacks a keyword, we will do that in this step. For instance, we offer a list of new keywords to the client. After that, we input these keywords once the client approves them.

4. Restructuring Your Account

In this step, we optimize your account. For instance, setting up a campaign, ad copy, testing the copy, etc. Moreover, we also include setting up the extension and bids. In addition, there is also tracking of goals and calls.

5. Ad Writing

Ad writing is a deal of art as well as science. Although your ad should be persuasive and engaging, it should still be informative and character-limited. Our experienced copywriters have been writing revenue-generating ad copies for years. In other words, we will decide what suits you best.

6. Landing Page

Driving your audience to your landing page is a hard nut to crack. To have a successful ad campaign, taking your visitors to your landing page is essential. As a result, there is a high possibility that they will make a purchase. For this purpose, we help you write, design, and develop your landing page.

7. Report Creation

You will get a customized report of your ad’s performance. We import all your past performance and update you with the current improvements. Above all, our report writing language is simple English. Thus, you can easily understand where your ad is heading. Above all, we mention the statistics of the leads or sales. So, you cannot be misguided.

8. Scheduled Meetings

A problem shared is a problem halved. You can easily schedule a meeting with us if you face any trouble in your PPC campaign. Although we constantly update you at each step of your ad campaign. Still, you can freely ask us if you need any modifications or help.

Why choose QUICKSOL LLC?

We can be your most excellent fit to meet your marketing needs. Our company has been long-running for years, and our marketing services are in the top ones. Above all, we have been dealing with and managing the PPC campaigns of thousands of clients worldwide. Moreover, the following are some reasons that make us best for you.

1. Transparent Pricing

Our company is fair in dealing. Our transparent pricing feature helps us work for longer with our clients. Consequently, our clients trust us and order again. Moreover, we break down each pricing plan according to your needs.

2. Drive Revenue

We help you drive revenue in more than one way. Our PPC campaigns are specifically designed in a way that attracts traffic. Above all, we tackle the first-party data at your company. Thus, it will make your campaign more effortless and beneficial.

3. Your Goals - Our Goals

A profitable company considers your goal, its goal. As we share your problems, we share your dreams too. To design a promising ad campaign, we perceive your ad’s goals as our goals. Thus, we put in the dedication and effort wholeheartedly. Consequently, it brings positive results.

4. Transparent ROI Report

As we mentioned earlier, analyzing your outcomes is highly crucial. An ROI report will help you monitor your clicks, engagement, conversion rates, and more. Therefore, we analyze your campaign’s performance. After that, we make a vivid and transparent ROI report. This way, you will be aware of where your campaign is leading you.

5. Customized PPC Campaign

We customize the PPC campaigns according to the needs of each client. For instance, the ads are customized according to the nature of your business, goals, audience, and other factors.

Pros of Our PPC Marketing Services

Our ad management services are beneficial for you in multiple ways. For instance, we do everything from generating a setup to managing the whole campaign (write, edit, implement). So, here are some of the pros of our PPC marketing services.

1. 100% Rights on Your Account

We're merely improving your account. For instance, we'll optimize and rebuild your account. Moreover, you will get a free PPC ad audit. Above all, You'll have account exclusivity.

2. No Silos

Our PPC marketing services are intended to help you in social media marketing generally. For instance, content marketing, copywriting, SEO and CRO, etc.

3. No Autopilot

We manage the ad campaigns customizable. It can be daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, it depends on the amount you spend. Above all, in this way, we make sure to keep a check on the ad’s performance. Therefore, we quickly improve the lackings.

4. Best Team of Professionals

We occupy a team of professionals on board. From copywriting your ad copy to managing and promoting your landing page, we have an expert for everything you need. Moreover, our expert team handles the managing accounts to improve your ad’s performance.

5. Responsible Account Manager

Our committed account managers keep you updated. We're open to helping. So, you can contact our account managers promptly if you have any issues or problems. Above all, we will get back to you within 24 hours.


You can employ our PPC marketing services to run your ad smoothly. Moreover, you can get a free PPC audit report. So, Get in touch with us right now.

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