UI/UX Design and Development Services

QUICKSOL LLC creates exquisite, reliable, and smooth-running UI/UX design. Moreover, we strive to improve the user experience as well as the user interface. As a result, your app and website will have a streamlined experience.

QUICKSOL LLC is a longtime digital company. We can expertly deal with any client or project. Above all, we're not niche-bound. We've worked with over 150 macro and micro slots. For instance, health & skincare, finance, making & saving money, life sciences, fashion & style, news & media, and more.

Our UI/UX Service Approach

We take a creative digital approach to provide the finest UI/UX services. Moreover, our UI/UX approach consists of several factors. These factors are significant for smooth and efficient results.

So, the following factors join together in our UI/UX services approach.


1. Market Research and Analysis

Our UI/UX approach is simple yet technical. Before we take over your project, we do our research. We first collect data and information about your company to start the UX process. After that, we analyze and define your business requirements. Moreover, we understand the company’s vision and goals. In this way, we carry your objectives further.

2. Presentation

In this step, we depict the concept of the project. For instance, we define the fundamental values and features of the project. Also, we present the architectural development.


3. UI/UX Wireframes

In this step, we define the layout of the website or app. Moreover, we prototype the structure of your whole website or app. After that, we decide what we should include on our web pages.

Development 8

4. Functional UI/UX

We first wait for our client to approve the wireframe in this step. After that, we proceed to create a functional UI/UX design.


5. Prototype Validation

We permit our clients to test and validate our prototype at the initial stage of the project. Therefore, the client can check the speed and functionality of the UI/UX. Above all, this validation test occurs before executing the final project.


6. Development of Front-End

Once the designs are ready, we will proceed further. Thus, these designs transmit in this step for the front-end development.


7. UI Validation

In this step, we testify the UI functionality. For instance, we watch for any errors or bugs in the UI working. Then, we rectify the errors. Moreover, we improve the performance and functionality of the UI.

Our UI/UX Design and Development Services

At QUICKSOL LLC, we create elegant and smooth-running designs. We provide a foolproof and streamlined user interface as well as user experience. Besides UI/UX, we facilitate our clients to present their products appealingly.

So, here are some of the UI/UX design services for you:

1. For Websites

Our expert designers can handle complex interfaces. We create disruptive websites as well as the user interface. Moreover, we assist you in creating a transparent UX.

2. For Mobile

Our UI/UX services are not limited to only web pages. However, we can also conduct them for your mobile. Yet, developing UI/UX designs for a mobile device is the most challenging task. Still, our experts take the plunge to do that. We must abide by the standard guidelines to create a favorable mobile UX. In this way, we make your app more credible and authentic.

3. Data Visualization

We carry out data visualization or DataViz for your UX/UI. It is a process of transferring one form of physical data to another. For instance, sharing text form or an image figure in graphical formats. However, these graphic formats include infographics, charts, dashboards, etc.

4. User Research

It is significant to have well-defined goals and objectives for your brand. So that we can start your UI/UX designing. Once the user research is complete, there will be no further ado. Moreover, we apply several techniques for user research. These techniques can include online as well as offline elements.

5. Wireframing and Prototyping

We offer multiple services through prototyping. Our prototyping includes:

  • Alignment of the ideas of collaborators.
  • Testing and validating these ideas.
  • Receiving feedback or reviews for apps.
  • Demo the app before launching.

However, mockup systems are also available. For instance, wireframes, animations, videos, and more. Hence, these mockup systems resolve complicated ideas. Thus, a more smooth running UI/UX design forms.​

UI & UX Consulting Services

Apart from UI/UX design services, we also offer consulting services for UI/UX. We utilize a holistic approach to perform UI/UX consulting. However, these services rely on your business objectives, goals and perspectives.

After successful UI/UX designing, here’s what we offer you for consulting on UI/UX.

1. UX Audit

An insightful user experience equals a higher conversion rate. Moreover, it wins the user's trust and satisfaction. So, besides providing other UX services, we also suggest regular UX audits.

Our UX consultants and experts streamline your existing solution. Moreover, we resolve your complicated issues.

2. Usability Testing

Through this service, we verify the already existing and predictive usability issues. For this purpose, we conduct qualitative as well as quantitative analyses.

During the testing process, our experts go through several steps. We double-check several factors. For instance, ease of use, navigation, speed, UI/UX performance and functionality.

3. Accessibility Audit

We develop apps that are easy to access. There's no limitation to any type of user. For instance, there is no restriction for users of special needs or people who are differently able.

4. Workshops for Ideas and Prototype

We conduct frequent online as well as on-site workshops for ideas and prototyping of UI/UX. Our experienced team of developers and designers conduct these workshops. Moreover, we see how to deal with a customer. Also, as to how to fulfil a customer's expectations.


We can be the best fit for your UI/UX demands. We have been conducting these services for apps and the web for a long time. Moreover, we are experts in dealing with Android as well as iOS operating systems.

After dealing with hundreds of clients, we guarantee that we are the most suitable choice for you.

Above all, our testimonials show their trust and satisfaction through their feedback. Therefore, we are trusted globally.


"We are huge fans of QUICKSOL. We find them to be remarkably thorough and they always produce high-quality results. Their UI and UX services are certainly beyond expectations. The smooth, responsive and high-quality UI is much better than many platforms. We are incredibly pleased with our new site! Thanks a lot!"

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"I am a business owner of digital and tech company. So this was an important project for me. The interface and design you built for my app and website were out of the box. I'm highly satisfied with the results. Both my app and website are now responsive and running smoothly."

Gial UK

"QuickSOL has been an EXCELLENT company in terms of UI/UX design. They always draft a masterpiece and make wonders when it comes to interface and design. My older app was stuck and kept on crashing. But now due to this company's excellent UI services, my app is running swiftly. Thanks!"

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"The interface is clear, smooth and aesthetically good. It lifts my brand up in the industry. Moreover, the navigation and design are working efficiently. I've hired people before but didn't get what I wanted. Now I found something even above my expectations. So I would highly recommend their services to anyone."

Santor Solalam Canada