Top 5 WordPress Themes for Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to extend your voice and share your thoughts with the world. And through blogging, you can utilize various powerful platforms to spread your word.

WordPress has long been lauded as a top blogging platform because it’s simple to install and can quickly morph into any website. However, having a splendid blog theme to look professional and give your site some oomph would be best.

Therefore, this blog will cover five of the best WordPress blogging themes!

To begin with, let us first see

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes are the building blocks of a successful blog. They allow you to customize and alter the look and feel of your blog without having to hack away at code tediously. There are thousands of themes available online, so deciding which is best for your blog can be challenging.

5 Finest WordPress Themes

Finding the perfect WordPress blog theme can be overwhelming; however, with some research, you can find the perfect one for your blog. Whether you’re looking for a basic blog theme or something more specialized, these 5 WordPress themes are sure to fit the bill.

Each of these themes comes with complete and detailed documentation, so there’s no need to worry about making any unwanted tweaks later on!

1. Newspaper

It is the favorite theme of most WordPress users. It is the best choice for all types of blogs. The effectual working, gorgeous looking, and smooth running navigation are the features that make it a popular choice among bloggers. Using this theme, you can effortlessly redesign your blog and apply practical and persuasive elements to your site. Above all, besides optimizing the speed and load time, the built-in tools also attract a crazy amount of traffic to your site.

2. Elementor

Elementor is the ultimate choice for mass improvements. It is the most robust, stable, and powerful plugin among all the others available on WordPress. It gives you access to countless features to refresh and enlighten your blog by appearance as well as functionality. Above all, it is famous for its unique features, for instance, site kits and powerful page editors.  

3. Divi

Divi brings the most stunning-looking and versatile themes for WordPress bloggers. It offers more than 800 designs you can easily customize and optimize according to your requirements. Moreover, it is an all-in-all theme providing various features, for instance, drag and drop builder, customization, and visual editing of your blog.

4. Astra

It is one of the most prominent WordPress trusted by more than 1.6 million users globally. The best part of Astra is you can completely customize your WordPress blog. In other words, you can set the color, settings, blog design, typography, headers, etc. Moreover, the excellent features of Astra are SEO-friendly, swift, light-in-weight, and smooth integration with WooCommerce.

5. Soledad

If you run an online magazine, then Soledad is the perfect pick for you. You can find various templates for each type of post in your magazine. It is not only user-friendly but also responsive on every device, whether it’s a PC/Desktop or Mobile device. Above all, you can find more than 6800 demos on the homepage to have a trial. And you can install these demos effortlessly with a single click.

Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Themes

The following tips will help you make a suitable selection for your blog’s style and content.

1. Choose a Theme That Fits Your Personality

The first step in selecting a theme is determining what type of blog you want to create. If you want to create a custom theme from scratch, it is important to have some knowledge and experience in HTML and CSS.

Moreover, you will require some coding and computer language knowledge, so you can notice, manage and control your blog on your own.

However, if you are not into coding and computer language, consider using already developed available themes on WordPress.

There are dozens of them designed specifically for bloggers, so finding one that fits your style and ideas should be easy.

2. Consider the Functionality Offered by the Theme

When choosing a theme, it’s essential to factor in how much functionality the selected theme offers. Some themes provide all of the necessary tools you need to initiate blogging. However, others require additional plugins or scripts to be installed to function perfectly.

Therefore, ensure thorough information about your theme’s requirements before making any decision regarding purchase or installation.

3. Be Flexible With Your Choices

After selecting a suitable theme for your blog, you must be flexible with your choices. Moreover, it is essential to have a few selections in your favorite list in case you may change your mind about a theme later on in your blogging career.

 Also, remember that every blog is different and will require a different approach to theme selection. Therefore you should be afraid to try out a few different themes before settling on one that personifies your blog’s personality.

4. Use a Plugin to Customize Your Theme.

One thing that’s great about WordPress is that it’s very customizable. It means you can make your site look how you like it to without worrying about coding or using intricate tools. To take advantage of this feature, use a plugin! Many fantastic plugins are available to help you customize your WordPress theme exactly how you want it.

5. Choose a Plugin That Gives You Control Over Your Site’s Layout and Design.

WordPress is excellent in allowing its users to easily create their layouts and designs by using plugins. However, some users might want more control over how their site looks and deems than others. If this sounds like you, opt for a plugin that controls your WordPress site’s layout and design. Thus, it will give you the utmost flexibility when creating content and designing your website layout.


So you’ve decided to start blogging; congrats! Now what? Before starting your blog, choosing a suitable WordPress theme is essential. Above are five of our favorite themes for bloggers, all of which are easy to use and come with a variety of features suited for any blog. Moreover, we mentioned some tips for choosing the perfect one for you.

Happy blogging!

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